Engage in a conversation with your content Build brand new AI apps to automate repeatable workflows Discover and use Apps built by Instabase and members of the community An AI sidekick you can trust We can’t wait to see what you will do with the AI Hub

What would superheroes be without their sidekicks? According to ChatGPT, they’d be missing a “crucial element of their dynamic and support system,” with sidekicks playing important roles like “skill enhancement and expertise.” What if you could spawn infinite sidekicks that are read up on all of the content you cannot (or would rather not) read: contracts, tax forms, slide decks, spreadsheets, documentation, emails, websites…?

At Instabase, we’ve spent the last couple of years building a platform to train these sidekicks (mostly layout-aware transformers and object detection models) on all kinds of content to enhance our customer’s super powers. They learned, amongst other things, how to onboard workers in the gig economy, review mortgage applications, or automate mail rooms. However, training took a lot of time and supervision.

Today we are announcing the Instabase AI Hub, a new community that combines our expertise in content representation and applied AI with OpenAI’s GPT-4. The Instabase AI Hub is the first community of its kind that lets you engage in conversations with your content, build applications to automate repeatable workflows, and use prebuilt applications provided by Instabase and the community. Try it out now at

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Engage in a conversation with your content

AI Hub Converse lets you create a conversation with your content to extract insights, analyze, summarize, translate, reason, or even generate new content. Instabase creates a digital representation of your content, from handwritten notes to spreadsheets, that gives GPT-4 a newfound understanding of structure, style, and meaning.

But don’t just take my word for it.

We worked with OpenAI, LlamaIndex, Weaviate, and others, to deliver several novel and profound capabilities:

  • Loooong documents: Converse does not have any limitations on document size or length. We have seen the same impressive results whether customers engage with single-page handwritten notes or with 400-page financial filings (or 200 pages of our own documentation).
  • Multiple loooong documents: Coming soon is the capability to engage with an entire corpus of documents. Most commonly, you might want to search a corpus for relevant documents or insights. Imagine just asking which files contain information about a specific deal, customer, or topic!
  • No hallucinations: Large language models have been known to dream up information. Since Converse is anchored in your content, we ensure that answers are always relevant and informed, with references back to the source to double-check the AI.

Build brand new AI apps to automate repeatable workflows

Holding a conversation with your content is one thing, but what if you are getting 10,000 documents a day that you want to process, verify, validate, and act on? AI Hub Build is a no-code tool to apply the power of LLMs to all of your content, automatically.

Imagine you run a gig economy business and demand is picking up, as is supply. It’s not unusual to get thousands of applications a day from new workers who you’ll want to onboard ASAP. They send their identification documents, insurance documents, anything you need to make them part of your ecosystem. 

Within minutes, you can build an application that detects ID documents (such as driver licenses or passports) and insurance documents (like car insurance declarations).

Once you are done creating the app, you can send it all of the application files you are getting, and it will produce structured output that you can process in your system.

AI Hub Build uses the same underlying magic described earlier for Converse, but helps take exploration to production:

  • Automated processing of content: AI Hub Apps can classify any content and, based on the detected class, perform different tasks to extract insights, analyze, summarize, translate, reason, or even generate new content.
  • Structured output: When you send new content to an App, you can download the output in CSV or Excel (other formats coming soon) or store them in a connected Google Drive or S3 bucket (other storage connections coming soon).
  • App Sharing: In short order, we’ll introduce the ability to share Apps with a link, and eventually you’ll be able to publish them to the public AI Hub App store. 

Discover and use Apps built by Instabase and members of the community

It turns out that content is universal and many of you are trying to solve the same challenges. To kickstart the AI Hub App Store, we are publishing a small number of Apps that you can use out-of-the-box. These Apps are inspired by early users and existing customers alike.

To use one of these Apps, simply open them and select your content. The output will be made available as a download or export to your connected storage. As discussed above, we are working on the ability for you to contribute Apps to the ecosystem. Please reach out to us here if you are interested in joining an early contributor program.

An AI sidekick you can trust

At Instabase we’ve built a platform that is trusted by some of the most demanding global enterprises in some of the most highly regulated industries. As a result, it would feel unnatural to build a product that doesn’t live up to the highest standards of confidentiality, security, and compliance:

  • No data retention by model providers, and no use of your data to train or fine-tune models: The model providers we use have agreed to not retain any of your data for training, fine-tuning, or even quality control. We implemented the necessary controls to make sure that your data is safe as well as to protect our partners from fraud/abuse.
  • Full control over data privacy: We provide you with full control over data privacy. If you do not want us to use your data to improve our own services or provide support, you can configure that in your user profile.

We can’t wait to see what you will do with the AI Hub

The opportunities are literally endless. Try it out at, share your results on social media using #instabaseaihub, and reach out to us directly if you have any feedback or questions.